Our Process

Step 1: Choose Your Room

Visit our online Shop and select the room you'd like to DIY Design. Don’t see the room that you are interested in working on? Not sure if it is the right fit? Email Hallie@ClarkandClarkInteriors.com to help determine the best package for you.

Step 2: Complete Payment

Simply complete the payment in full using PayPal. Once Clark & Clark Interiors has received your order, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to set up your initial consultation. DIY Design is a one-stop shop, so unlike our traditional design, which is billed hourly with a close working relationship to the client, DIY design is a package that you purchase up front with clear guidelines on what exactly you will receive.

Step 3: Submit forms

Here is where we need you! Fill out our client questionnaire and follow our instructions for how to measure your room and take photos, so that we can understand your space. Take your time and do it thoroughly. This will help us to ensure that what we provide you will not only be functional (i.e. curtains that are the right length, a sofa that is the right dimensions, etc.) but also a room that you love. Be creative, verbose, and share anything that you think will help us to better understand you and your needs.

Step 4: Consultation via phone or Facetime/Skype

We are open to either, but find a video call is preferable as it will allow us to "walk" through your space and get a feel for the room in 3-D. We will go through the information you submitted and establish a plan. Consultations are 30-45 minutes and once completed we will begin working on your project.

Step 5: Sit back and relax while we do the work!

We will provide you a rough estimate of a timeline for completion. We do our best to work efficiently, but also effectively. We never want to rush a project and add more time, due to mistakes made in haste.  When your project is complete, you will receive:

  • Inspiration Board with actual retail pieces chosen for you

  • Detailed Shopping List so that you can know exactly where and how to buy each piece when you are ready

  • Our C&C top 3! We know that design is a process so this is our “Must Have’s” list for you to consider when moving forward in order to create the look and feel you want

  • Guidelines on how to complete your room in phases (in your own time and budget)

  • One round of revisions to your inspiration board. It is always possible that you will not like “everything” that we have chosen, so we offer a one time revision to help make sure you are satisfied and excited about your DIY Design.

Get Started

Ready to begin? Complete these five tasks and we'll be in touch within 36-48 hours.  

Task 1: Choose Your Room

Visit our shop page and select the room that you are interested in DIY and complete payment in full. Click here. 

Task 2: Client Questionnaire
Head to our Client Questionnaire page and answer our questions so we can understand how best to help you. Click here.

Task 3: Measure Your Room
Follow the instructions in our Measure Your Room pdf on how to take room measurements so that we can create a floorplan. Download here.

Task 4: Take photos of each of the 4 walls
A visual of every wall will help us best understand and design for your space.

Task 5: Send an email with your completed docs to hello@ClarkandClarkInteriors.com
Once you've completed the questionnaire, measured your room and taken your photos email us your documents for us to get started. 


No worries, just send us an email to hello@ClarkandClarkInteriors.com