About DIY Design

Are you tired of living in an unfinished space, seeing projects partially done left in a state of good intentions? You have a vision for your home, bought a few pieces to get you on your way, and maybe even started painting, but never finished. 

Time escapes you, your budget wanes, and life takes over.  

Perhaps you are the opposite. You are not even sure  where to start? You know what you like thanks to Pinterest, but when it comes to implementing you feel lost. Where do you go? What do you buy first? How do you put it all together to make it look like the room you envision in your head?

If this remotely sounds like you, Clark & Clark Interiors DIY Design may just be the perfect solution.

DIY Design is for the individual who values living in an environment that feels comfortable and represents their personal style, but due to lack of vision or a vision uncompleted, has not been able to achieve this on their own. We are here to help give you the extra push you need to guide you through the process in a time sensitive manner, so that you can complete your rooms at your own pace and in your own budget. DIY Design is done via email correspondence and Skype consultation, so that you can create the look and feel that you desire from anywhere in the country and on your own schedule.